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China Coaxial Cable factory
Products adhere to the state administration of radio, film and television GY/T135-1998 standards, international standard CATV coaxial cable, can be substituted by state administration of radio, film and television equipment network access authentication. Conductor use oxygen-free copper (OFC); PE insulated wire core physical foaming; High speed braiding machine for shielding, each batch of line sampling via FM network analyzer test pass.
Inner conductor: diameter conform to the requirements of the standard, the marking generally adopted and not standard copper to make production, such as the conductor SYWV - 75-5 standard is 1.0 mm, not line generally USES of conductor made by 0.9, 0.8 and 0.5, which directly lead to the cable attenuation is too large, the resistance do not match with the system, could not reach the requirements of the use length.
Do domestic CATV system is often up to 860 MHZ frequency, using the appropriate cable length (China) does not need to add amplifier in general are as follows:
SYWV - 75-5, 100 meters;
SYWV - 75-7:250 meters;
SYWV 9:30 0-75 - m;
Insulation: now CATV cables are mostly physical foaming with PE for production from the surface using frequency meet the corresponding requirements, physical foaming PE normal cable hole small, relatively soft, pure white and smooth surface. The target cable insulation commonly used chemical foaming, porosity is rough and the color is not pure, cable electrical properties are generally not up to standard.
Shield: a longitudinal package aluminum foil and braid conductors, and high-speed weaving, knitting is compact, to ensure the stability of the cable structure. The target cable knit structure is loose, and will lead to an unstable structure, use the return loss, affect system performance.
Sheath: use in the sheath of the protection of the inner core role, so has certain mechanical strength requirements, non-standard cable sheath material, generally USES recycled materials do performance is poor, some by hand a tear is broken, can bring the quality hidden trouble to install and use.
Mark: the spray print meter, tailoring of convenient installation, at the same time ensure that the packing length accurately.China Coaxial Cable factory

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